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It's time for a new final
The semi finals of WSC .96 are over. We now have our 25 finalists.

You can now start VOTING !

The that's it... The first contest of the new WSC era is over and we have our first winner.  you can check the results in an animated scoreboard.

Thank you to all the participants of this 95th edition. You made it great with the songs you have chosen. So let's keep the high level for the next edition...

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The first edition of WSC 2.0. is behind us. A total of 50 participants took part. Some came back in the game, others joined for the first time. All in all it was a perfect start. I couldn't imagine it would go that way. Honestly. I thought we would have about 20 songs in the game (and trust me it was when I tried to be optimistic). So there's only one thing I can say now: Thank you!

Of course, it was a new start. It's not sure yet that we will be more than 20 in the next edition but I really hope you were not disappointed and that this come back kept its promises. In fact, looking back at all these years of WSC, I can't hardly remember a month when it was that hard to decide which songs were the best. Oh yes, there was probably some, but this first edition of the new era made me forget about that. WSC .95 was simply great. Thank you for that moment of music.

To make that moment (and the ones to come) even better, I'd try to update the website with brand new stuff. Don't hesitate to tell me what you would like to see. There's a contact form on this page but you can also message me on Facebook. Speaking of Facebook, an impressive numbers of people have liked the page recently. They are not necessarly there to play but they surely enjoy music. So keep that in mind while choosing your next entry. Now more than 2000 people may listen to it.