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Noé Preszow
Cette Route-Là
Cette route-là
Noé Preszow (À nous)
Jonathan: First of all my apology to my Power Couple... This is not the song you expected I guess even if I keep the other one in a corner of my head. And sorry Ukraine for doing it again ^^

I had Noé Preszow under my radar and the moment has come to give you the chance to know him. The problem here is that his songs have something to tell, and some people already claim that he is a poet of the 21st century (which I agree with) but indeed the songs are in French and most of you won't probably get the message. Luckily I've found a translation of Cette Route-là (I had no time to do it by myself) so I hope you'll get the meaning of this one. To me, but I guess anyone can have his own reading,  this song is about the hundred roads you have to follow when pain of living or anxiety is on your way;  before you can find and build yourself back and have trust in life and in you again. And that you can eventually live and not only dream that you're living.

Noé Preszow, born on September 13, 1994, has been creating music since a very young age. The 26-year-old from Brussels uses his songs to express his solidarity on societal issues in a poetic way. Singing in French, he creates music that is at once timeless and incredibly topical. He was signed to prestigious French label tôt Ou tard (Vianney, Vincent Delerm, Yael Naim...) and released his debut single "À nous" in March 2020. He then received the "New Talent" award given by four radio broadcasters from France, Belgium, Quebec and Switzerland. His debut EP Ça ne saurait tarder followed in September 2020. The song "Que tout s'danse", taken from that EP, was released as his second single. He started 2021 with a nomination for "Best male new artist" at Les Victoires de la Musique. His debut album Cette route-là was released on February 12 2021, on the same day of the award ceremony.


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