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Ilma Karahmet
Ništa Tvoje
Ništa Tvoje
Ilma Karahmet (Ništa Tvoje - Single)

Anel: Ilma is definitely one of the strongest female vocalist in our country. So my reason for choosing her is simple. Enjoy her miracle and adorable voice.

Ilma Karahmet is a Bosnian pop singer born in Travnik on May 2, 2000. She made her first steps in music by participating in several festivals and competitions, winning her first competition at the age of ten. She came to the attention in 2014 as one of the participants of X Factor Adria, during which she reached the final and released her debut single soon after her participation. She came back four years later, this time in the TV show RTL Zvijezda, and won the competition. She has released several singles since then.


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