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DUDA BEAT, Mateus Carrilho & Jaloo
DUDA BEAT, Mateus Carrilho & Jaloo (Chega - Single)


Eduarda Bittencourt Simões (born October 8, 1987), better known as DUDA BEAT, was born in Recife, land of Manguebeat and beautiful musical traditions. From an early age, she showed an interest in singing. She moved to Rio de Janeiro at the time she graduated from school, still wishing to attend Medicine school. This whole journey, with an inevitable participation of some loves she had throughout her life, culminated in 2018 with the release of her first studio album titled Sinto Muito. In 11 tracks, she makes a feminine, personal, sincere record with facing her own demons with joy and good humor. Her music traces a path between the sounds of Rio and the Northeast, uniting the roots of DUDA's past with a future to come, the lyrics give voice to a romantic woman who can not adapt to the fluidity of contemporary relationships. An EP with Nando Reis and her second album, Te Amo Lá Fora, followed in 2021.

Mateus Carrilho

Mateus Henrique Carrilho Alves (born September 21, 1988), simply known as Mateus Carrilho, is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. He gained prominence as vocalist of the trio Banda Uó in which was formed in 2010. The band released one EP and two studio albums but eventually went on hiatus at the end of 2017. Carrilho then pursued a solo career and released his debut solo album Não Nega in 2018.


Jaime Melo Maciel Júnior, better known by the stage name Jaloo, is a Brazilian singer and songwriter and producer, born in Pará on September 6, 1987. He began his career in 2010 performing remixes and mashups. He released several EPs prior to his debut album, the 2015 release #1 was released in 2015. His second album ft. (part.1) followed in 2019. Jaloo presents his type of music as Sci-fi brega, a mixture between tecnobrega and 8-bit electro, and latin rythms, taking as main reference the suburbs of Belém, Brazil, and the world. The essence of his work is a mixture: a game with music from the African ghettos, the shantytowns from Rio de Janeiro, the European clubs, experimental artists and mainly the music made to dance in the lowlands of Pará's capital: the Tecnobrega, a post-modern hybrid that by itself is already a blend of brega music and electro music, where technologic elements and DIY are the basic rules. A music style born in the Belém suburbs that nowadays is the most vanguardist genre in the Brazilian music. Provided with an approach and own design when it comes to making audiovisual that highlights its uniqueness. Jaloo is also a member of the band Os Amantes, formed in 2019, that reunited in 2021.


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