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Tina Dico

Tina Dico (Fastland)
Fabricio: She sings in Danish and English, and I do prefer her material in Danish, but this is a very special song.
Tina Dickow Danielsen, born on 14 October 1977, is a Danish singer-songwriter performing under the names Tina Dickow and Tina Dico. As she was growing up, her father was a hi-fi aficionado and bought music based on the recording quality, not the genre or artistic merit. This introduced young Tina to a variety of styles, and while she gravitated toward Leonard Cohen, Donovan, and Joni Mitchell, she was well versed in opera and traditional Danish music by the time she had finished the massive collection. An old reel-to-reel tape machine and a microphone made by her father captured her teenage writing attempts, but Dico didn't take any of this seriously until she joined a band. She was 15 when it happened, and this revived interest in music eventually had her attending the Danish Royal College of Music, where extracurricular activities included joining another band and playing her songs in talent contests, one of which was broadcast on Danish television. The television appearance lead to calls from record labels, but the red tape that came with their offers pushed Dico into releasing her first album on her own. The 2003 EP Notes sold quickly through word of mouth and earned Dico the songwriting Grammy despite little radio play. Moving to England, she hooked up with downbeat act Zero 7 and appeared on their 2004 album, When It Falls, along with the accompanying tour. That same year she released the EP Far, which fleshed out the mostly acoustic songs of Notes with a full band. In early 2006 she released her first full-length album, In the Red. She followed it with 2007's Count To Ten and 2008's Triology, comprised of three newly recorded EPS, A Beginning, A Detour and An Open Ending. In 2009 Dico composed the soundtrack for the Danish film Oldboys. The soundtrack quickly evolved into Dico's sixth album, with her continuing to compose after the initial work on the soundtrack was done. The result was The Road to Gävle and she won the Gaffa-award for "Singer of the Year" a third time in a row. She also won two Robert Awards for Best Score, and Best Song for "Rebel Song." In the beginning of 2010 Dico recorded the song "The Storm That Brought You To Me" for the soundtrack to the blockbuster Clash of the Titans with Massive Attack producer Neil Davidge. In the same year she was in Iceland to record the song "Welcome Back Colour" with Icelandic singer-songwriter Helgi Jónsson. It was the first single from the album Welcome Back Colour. The album, which contains 27 tracks, is a mix of her biggest radio hits, five new songs, and a second disc with new acoustic recordings of new and old songs. She then embarked on her biggest tour to date across Denmark and Germany, also playing in a few other European cities, and in February 2011 touring the UK and US. Three other studio albums followed in 2012, 2014 and 2018.


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