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when Music rules the World

NOËP feat. Maarja Nuut & Ruum
Kuud Kuulama (NOËP remix)
Kuud Kuulama (NOËP Remix)
NOËP feat. Maarja Nuut & Ruum (Kuud Kuulama (NOËP Remix) - Single)

Illar: So a small twist to the sunny side didn't seem to impress you, let's see if the moon can charm you better. One thing I haven't done so far is sending a song in Estonian, perhaps after 6 editions it's time to choose something, who else would? Yet I'm facing another dilemma. If I pick a song with meaningful lyrics no one would really get the chance to appreciate it same way as I do, so it's a bit like a waste of resource. But what if I tear myself on folk side, I know it feels a bit fishy but there are still few artists that I can cope with. Most of Estonian musician are doing some folkish stuff anyway and for me it's like „ok, let them be“. But then I heard NOËP (aka Andres Kõpper) is working on some remixes for different folk songs and I got slightly curious. NOËP is good on production side but his own music usually lacks emotion for me. So just one month ago he released that remix album and I can tell it was quite exciting. Some really overplayed radio hits mixed with more back room stuff. In case of the first ones he totally gave the songs different outfit, like turning a mellow tune into something Prodigy like. Yet with the others he was rather cutting edges. And so he had a remix for one artist I was planning to submit to the contest anyway (with a different song thou). And as I'm already on a remix line, I thought alright, let's keep it going. The original version of „Kuud Kuulama“ („Listening to the Moon“) is already captivating, with deeper beats and more haunting soundscape it's pure witchcraft. My suggestion for everyone who will start listening to it, make sure you do it in late evening, turn the lights off and perhaps you'll feel the message even without understanding the lyrics, yet I'm going to submit translation too. Also there's a visualization that works very well with song. The end of it resembles something like the world after Covid. So if you're looking for your treasure, the moon will guide you, but horry up cause it wont be up there forever for you... I hope I beat Nicolas with the length of my preview this time.

NOËP is the electro-pop project launched in 2015 by Estonian musician and film director Andres Kõpper, born on 22 March 1990. NOËP creates an adventurous hybrid of electro-pop energy and intimate songwriting. His burgeoning reputation is growing internationally too, having performed everywhere from Beirut to Paris, and his tracks "Move", "Rooftop" and "New Heights" have amassed over 18 million streams to date on Spotify alone. NOËP's debut EP Heads in the Clouds was released in 2018. He has also released the album Folktonic, made of remixes of Estonian folk songs, in 2021.

There's a rare symbiosis at work between Maarja Nuut and Hendrik Kaljujärv aka Ruum. Born out of a series of phone conversations in 2016, their collaboration has pushed each other to explore new musical territory and carve out new forms of expression. Nuut, an acclaimed Estonian singer, violinist, and composer born in 1986, had long wanted to explore the world of electronica, but was unable to fully articulate her thoughts and ideas. On hearing Kaljujärv's music – the self-taught sound engineer and designer has been composing in the digital and analogue realms since he was 15 – however, she felt a connection. That initial creative spark has since been fanned to produce two entrancing, gloriously transcendent records and a mesmerising live show. The music they make together deals with the heart and mind, and is born of their cumulative experiences of art, of each other, of life. Full of character, the contradictory nature of their songs is simply reflective of the world, and represents some form of ideal as to how things are. As they themselves say: "Every power has its own opposite, and each world has its own world inverted. Our aim is to place these two opposites in one body." For the duo, those phone conversation are still going on in a way; there's a lot left to explore. 2018's Muunduja – it means "shifter" in Estonian – is an immersive, saturating listen, a part-imaginary landscape that envelops all who come across it. World Inverted, their latest album released in 2020, is equally as bold and inventive, but it's on stage where the duo's music really comes alive. Blending quiet techno, Nuut's haunting voice, and an array of loopers and pedals, the layers of their complex sonic world are painstakingly built to dizzying crescendos before fading out, like a storm passing overhead. Melancholic yet comforting, there's a euphoria to these peaks – to watch them perform is to succumb to their magic, and to be transported to a higher plane.


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