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Jett Rebel
Jett Rebel (7)
Jay:  There's something about producing and writing your songs completely by yourself. It brings originality and in a way authenticity to your personal style. Jett Rebel is one of those artists who doesn't necessarily fit the mainstream "image" of an artist, but that's what makes him stand out. He's one of the biggest pop-rock artists of the Netherlands, playing in different big venues over the years. "Amy" is a fun song about wanting to seduce someone and the funky style makes it not so inappropriate. Also the 90's inspired visual effects are awesome in his music video. Enjoy!

Jelte Steven Tuinstra, known by his stage name Jett Rebel, is a Dutch singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. He was born on January 24, 1991, in The Hague and grew up in a musical artist's family in Baarn. From early on he has shown an extraordinary interest in music. He started recording music at a very young age, using a cassette recorder and a toy cassette player. Before the age of 10, Tuinstra played various instruments, drums, piano, guitar, bass guitar and after his 10th more deepening in all kinds of synthesizers and other string-wind instruments. In his childhood he sang in the youth choir of Majel Lustenhouwer, on recordings by Rob de Nijs and Jochem van Gelder, among others. In 2003 he participated with his first band The Edge in the preliminaries of the first Dutch Junior Song Festival. While he was attending the Baarnsch Lyceum, a secondary school, he stood out by winning the 'Grandi Art', a school competition for music, as a pop musician for consecutive years. In this period he played in the locally known bands Bitter Lemon, Fubroz, Metro Mortale and The Zoo. Tuinstra explored many different musical genres, from funk to progressive rock, from jazz to singing medieval choral music. In this period he had already recorded more than 5 solo records without publishing anything. In September 2012 Tuinstra decided to make his own music under the stage name Jett Rebel. His debut EP Venus was released in 2013, followed by Mars in 2014. Both were eventually merged to become the full album Venus & Mars. He then went on tour, playing in over 60 festival while is official debut album Hits for Kids was released in October 2014 and Rebel won the Edison Award for Best Newcomer. The double album Truck, released in 2016, was fully recorded on a Tascam Porta 4 track cassette recorder. Truck was the first part in a triptych; Rebel released three albums within a year. On August 26, 2016, Don't Die On Me Now was released and on January 13, 2017, Super Pop followed. The three albums are independent of each other, but are connected to a triptych: the Experimentalist, the Musician and the Composer. Rebel came back in 2018 with the album 7, an new EP and a live album followed in 2019.


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