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Dance Away These Days
Harper Finn (Dance Away These Days - Single)

Born in February 1998, New Zealand singer-songwriter, Harper Finn grew up listening to a wide variety of music, inspired by the eclectic tastes of his parents, which included everyone from Serge Gainsbourg, Kate Bush to The Clash, The Zombies and Jungle Brothers. His listening experience also reached into the bags of what his friends circles were listening to at the time, which was a mix of everything. Working nights at a local venue in Auckland’s downtown, he was exposed to the powerful connection between music and youth culture, watching bands like post-punk gamechangers IDLES and pop megastar Billie Eilish perform to passionate, sweaty crowds of fans. Most fittingly perhaps, was that his first solo show took place on that very stage. During Harper’s teenage years, the old (underage) soul was the keyboard player in a sprawling 8-piece hip-hop group, playing R18 venues across New Zealand. The challenge of keeping up with much older players kept Harper on his toes, also forming a deep appreciation for the attitude of hip-hop, as well as the passion and communication between the performer and the audience. The strong communal sense of belonging was palpable, forming a long lasting impression on Harper, who was just seventeen at the time. Going from one cramped stage to the next, Harper decided to go it alone. During this time, he was studying History and Politics at The University of Auckland, where he began to develop an interest in thinking critically about memory; this inspired the route his songwriting would take, in debt to collective consciousness and fleeting snapshots of his youth. His released his debut single "Look Who's Sorry Now" in 2018 and was later signed by Warner Music under which he released the double single "Conversations (With the Moon)/Teenage Queen" in 2019. New songs such as "Norway" and "Dance Away These Days" appeared in 2021, followed by "She Said" in 2021.


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