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Ljubojna feat. Dzijan Emin & Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra
Sevdo Le
Sevdo Le
Ljubojna feat. Dzijan Emin & Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra (Byzance)
Danuse: I love folk music and dedicated some time to look for the perfect folk song. Macedonia has a very rich culture and this band explores it very well. Ljubojna released their latest album last year, and this is one of the songs. I became a huge fan and I hope you also like their work.

Ljubojna (Љубојна, also spelled Luboyna) is a folk and ethno band from North Macedonia, formed in 2001. The names of the band goes for "love" and "battle." Their music is expressed through Vera Miloshevska's voice which together with Oliver Josifovski (bassist, composer and Luboyna's producer) are recognized as the band's brand. During the 18 years of its existence, the band has passed through several stages with several changes in the lineup, and that resulted in stylistically different records. Since 2001, Ljubojna have composed music for various theater, ballet and dance performances and film projects and have released 10 albums. The band has performed live all around the world.

Dzijan Emin

Born in Skopje, Dzijan Emin is a versatile musician and conductor with a vast experience in the music world. He is the principal horn player of the Macedonian Philharmonic, in the meantime working as a multi-instrumentalist and composer of music for different ensembles, theatre productions and film. Dzijan appears also as a producer of a few albums, as well as artistic director of different music festivals. He has also been a part of many other orchestras, including the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, No Borders Orchestra, the East-West Orchestra and the F.A.M.E.S. Orchestra, where besides his work as a horn player, he has also worked extensively as an orchestrator and a conductor. His work as an orchestrator has resulted with more than fifty projects from different genres of music, most of which were music from motion pictures.

The Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra was formed on November 24, 1944, after the end of World War II and only 11 days after the liberation of Skopje. First conductors of the orchestra were Macedonian composers Todor Skalovski and Trajko Prokopiev. Since its creation, it has been one of the strongest advocates of the music life in the country and became an ambassador of the Macedonian music all over the world. Beside regular performances in the country, the Orchestra has indeed performed in countries all over the world.


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