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when Music rules the World

Papa Sever
Папа Север
Августин (Папа Север - Single)

Pavel: The singer is non binary person Augustine from north of Russia. This song is her very personal story, I love it and I hope you will love it too!


Augustine is a Russian singer from Norilsk. Aged 23, Augustine could sense she was different since early childhood -- and later came out as non-binary. Her sensual dreamy voice is pleasurably hard to place on the gender spectrum, and her songwriting is ridden with metaphors and mythical creatures, such as mermaids -- tropes especially attractive to queer creatives who have trouble fitting into an ordinary reality. Augustine's debut single "Papa Sever" was released in April 2020. The video, directed by Artem Emelyanov, channels the ephemeral and dazzling world of 1980s cult pop music, with role models like Kate Bush and Prince. It’s a dream come true, a hymn to queer outsiders -- and it’s as much about community as it is about the music. Augustine's second single "Mnogo v Sadakh Georginov" followed in February 2021.

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