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At 1980 feat. Dana Jean Phoenix
A Thousand Lives
A Thousand Lives
At 1980 feat Dana Jean Phoenix (A Thousand Lives - Single)

Robert: This is truly an entry from the world, the band At 1980 is composed by a duo, one is from Spain and the other is from the UK and they are currently based in Madrid, Spain. They usually change vocalists for their songs and in this case, they work with Canadian singer Dana Jean Phoenix whose voice actually gives me Stevie Nicks vibes. They belong to the Synthwave movement and this genre is actually something that exists for many years already, but for some reason in the last couple of years is when it has become something very popular I think thanks to The Weeknd. Retro sounds is not everyone's cup of tea in this contest, however, A Thousand Lives doesn't sound ''forced'' I think it has a sound that it actually comes from the '80s, I think is very organic and it makes it natural. I hope you guys like it, and hear what I hear in this song which takes me to a very pleasant place. By the way, I hat to contact one of the band members (Adrian Quesada) directly to get their bio as they are not on Wikipedia, he was very kind in providing me a link to an interview they did that includes their information.

At 1980

At 1980 is a synthwave duo formed by Adrian Quesada Michelena from Spain and Josh Dally from England. It first started as the solo project of Quesada Michelena who contacted Dally for a featuring. They enjoyed working together that they eventually formed the duo. They released their debut single "Northern" in 2019. It was soon followed by "A Thousand Lives" featuring Dana Jean Phoenix and "Play It (On the Radio)". Their debut album A Thousand Lives was released in 2020 and they came back in May 2021 with the song "Carolina."
Dana Jean Phoenix is a Canadian synthwave singer-songwriter and musical theatre actress. She is also the female lead singer of the Juno-nominated Toronto funk outfit God Made Me Funky. Phoenix placed second on Perez Hilton's 'Can You Sing' cover competition with her cover of Nicki Minaj's Starships. Her original music has been featured on CBC Radio's Big City Small World as well as on Nickelodeon, MTV, and Bravo. Her debut album Drrty Shooz was released in 2014 and made the top 10 on !earshot's National Electronic Chart (College Radio). The following year, she provided vocals on God Made Me Funky's album Funky Fly ‘N Free, and she performed in the musical "The Wedding Singer" at Stage West in Calgary, for which she received a Calgary theatre critics award nomination for 'Best Supporting Actress in a Musical'. Phoenix's sophomore album Le Mirage followed in 2016. Phoenix then toured Europe with her 2017 album Synth City, playing shows in Vienna, Poland, London, and Stockholm. Two other albums followed in 2018 and 2020.


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