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Mabel Matiz
Mabel Matiz (Toy - Single)

Felipe D.: Mabel Matiz is a brave man and one of the most known LGBTI+ activists in Turkey. In the current situation of the country, you can consider him as one of the bravest men in the country. Enjoy the song, it is really brilliant!

Fatih Karaca (born 31 August 1985), better known by his stage name Mabel Matiz, is a Turkish pop music singer-songwriter. He began releasing his own songs via Myspace in 2008. Turkish music producer Engin Akıncı noticed his songs and offered him to release an album. He released his first studio album, Mabel Matiz, in 2011. At the exception of two songs, written by Birhan Keskin and Yalçın Tosun, all of the tracks were written and composed by Mabel Matiz himself. His second album Yaşım Çocuk followed in 2013. Various songs from the album, including "Zor Değil", "Aşk Yok Olmaktır", "Yaşım Çocuk" and "Alaimisema" became popular hits and Milliyet Sanat awarded it as the "Album of the Year". Two other albums followed : Gök Nerede in 2015 and Maya in 2018.


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