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Granula Grace
Granula Grace (Granula Grace - EP)

Hermès: Hello people! For the 7th edition, Ukraine will proudly present a group that isn’t very known but deserves an international audience. The song is a tribute to all the depressive songs Belgium keeps flooding us with since the beginning of the genz series, now that it finally won!

More seriously, it was important to me to look for a song that took inspiration from the political situation Ukraine is in, but that would rather reflect on a personal level - what are we as individuals in the face of conflict. The song is a message of hope, hinting that time eventually heals the pain, and allows us to then focus on what unites us rather than divides us.

Granula Grace

Granula Grace was formed in 2015 as a rock band from Kyiv. However, after the departure of their guitarist, the other members began looking for a new sound. After many trials and tribulations, they finally met Grace, a mysterious girl who became the muse and alter ego of Granula Grace. From that point, they were noticed by sound producer Eugene Filatov (The Maneken), who released the band's debut EP in February 2019. Members of the band are Grace (vocals), Peter Sokor (vocals, keyboards), Alexei Sokor (bass guitar) and Vasily Bondarenko (drums).


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