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when Music rules the World


People who want to take part have to fill in a form available in the website and send it by mail before the end of the subscription period. The following rules will help them to determine if a song is eligible to take part.

  • The World Song Contest is open to everyone.
  • Participants are asked to play for their own country. If their country is not available, they can choose another country but they are asked to have a good knowledge of the music scene of that country. Note that countries can't be booked and will be granted to the first person that send the participation form.
  • Participants have to play for the same country during at least five editions.
  • Participants can only send one song per edition, and thus play for one (and only one) country.
  • When a participant take part, the country he/she played for is automatically booked for the following edition. However a country will be attributed to another person when the former participant does not take part in the following edition except if he/she informed the contest's managers about his/her inability to take part and asked for the country to be booked for a further edition.
  • In the comment sections of this web site, any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Material that is sexually or otherwise obscene, racist, or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted. This includes user pictures.
  • Spam, advertising and self-promotion are forbidden. Will be considered as spam unsolicited advertisement for goods, services and/or other web sites, or posts with little, or completely unrelated content. Players can't spam the comment section of this web site with links to their site or product, or try to self-promote their website, business or forums etc. Spamming also includes sending private messages to a large number of different users.
  • The singer must have the nationality or be a citizen of the represented country (exception for small countries). In case of a duo, one of the singers must have the nationality or be a citizen of the represented country. For bands, it's the recognized nationality of the whole band that matters.
  • The song must have been released as a single or on an album between 2017 and 2021 and must be available on an official CD or legal digital platforms  (both streaming or music store) .  Note that a song (or a version of the song) that has only been released on YouTube is not eligible to take part.
  • It must be an original song performed in its studio version. Live versions and covers are not allowed. Remixes or new versions are allowed as long as the original song has not been released before 2017 and that they are still performed by the original singer who must be a native of the country you play for.
  • Songs that took (or are going to take) part in WSC, Eurovision Song Contest, National selections for Eurovision Song Contest, San Remo Festival and famous other festivals worldwide are forbidden
  • The song can be performed in any language (exception for small countries).

Specific rules for small countries and not fully independant countries

  • At the exception of Vatican City which can't be represented, small countries can borrow singers from one of their neighbouring countries in addition to their own artists. There is no language restriction if they play with one of their native artists. Otherwise the song will have to be performed in one of the national languages of the represented country:
- Liechtenstein: song in German if artist comes from Germany, Austria or Switzerland
- Luxembourg: song in French if artist comes from France or Belgium, song in German if artist comes from Germany
- Monaco: song in French if artist comes from France
- San Marino: song in Italian if artist comes from Italy
- Belize: song in English if artist comes from Mexico
- Andorra: song in Catalan if artist is not from Andorra
  • The participation of dependent territory, autonomous regions, areas with a special or disputed status that have their specific music scene will be examined on a case-by-case basis by the contest's managers with the applicant player.
  • Each edition of the contest lasts for about one month and is directly followed by a new edition.
  • There is no restriction on the number of participants but a minimum of 11 songs is required.
  • A maximum of 25 songs, including the previous winner, can take part in the final.
  • If we have 26 participants or more, semi finals are organized. The winner of the previous edition is automatically qualified for the final if he/she plays for the same country and vote for one of the semi finals. All the other participants must take part in the semi finals.
  • During the semi finals, songs are drawn into heats (with a maximum of 18 songs per heat). No matter how many heats and how many participants there are, a maximum of 24 songs can qualify for the final. This is how the number of qualifiers will be determined :
26 to 37 participants (including previous winner)
26 to 30 participants
14 qualifiers from two semi finals
31 to 34 participants
16 qualifiers from two semi finals
35 to 38 participants
18 qualifiers from two semi finals
39 to 55 participants (including previous winner)
39 to 44 participants
21 qualifiers from three semi finals
45 to 55 participants
24 qualifiers from three semi finals
From 56 participants (including previous winner)
24 qualifiers from at least four semi finals
  • Participants have to vote for the semi finals and the final
  • Participants can't vote for the song they have chosen
  • The procedure is the same for the semi finals and the final: 12 points shall be allocated to the favorite song; 10 points to the second favorite song, 8 points to the third one, 7 points to the next, and so on, down to 1 point
  • The winning song is the one which receives the most points at the end of the voting. In case of a tie, the song which has obtained points from the highest number of countries comes first. If the tie remains, then the number of 12 points received (and if needed points from 10 to 1) will make the difference. If none of these systems can make the difference, then the tying songs will share the same ranking which means they will all be declared as the winner if the tie is for 1st place or they will all qualify for the final if the tie is for the last qualification spot in the semi finals.

Specific voting rules for the semi finals

  • Only participants of the current edition are allowed to vote in the semi finals
  • Players have to vote in the same heat than the one in which their song competes. They cannot vote for the other heats.
  • If a player doesn't vote, then the song is immediately disqualified. If it had to qualify for the final, it is replaced by the highest ranked  song among those which didn't qualify in the same heat. If the player has not warned the organizers about the fact he/she is not able to vote, not only he/she won't be allowed to vote in the final but that participant won't be able to take part in future editions of the contest.

Specific voting rules for the final

  • Only players (including not qualified semi-finalists) of the current edition and new players that confirmed their participation in the following edition are allowed to vote in the final.
  • Players are asked to vote in a way which reflects the way they voted during the semi finals.
  • If a finalist doesn't vote, a reduction of 33% is applied.
  • If a player - finalist or semi finalist - has not warned the organizers about the fact he/she won't be able to vote, that participant won't be able to take part in future editions of the contest.

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