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Country : The Netherlands
Artist(s) : Eefje de Visser
Song : De Parade
Points : 164 (final) - 88 (semi finals)

Dutch singer/songwriter Eefje de Visser was born in 1986 in Voorburg and grew up in the small South Holland village of Moordrecht. She became interested in music early, writing her first song at the age of 11 and performing in a number of bands during her school years. Her big break came in 2009 when she entered the Grote Prijs van Nederland, the country's largest and longest-running music contest for new talent (previous winners include Junkie XL). The day before the final, she made her national television debut on the popular variety show De Wereld Draait Door (The World Keeps Turning) with her song "Hartslag" (Heartbeat). The next day, she won the grand prize in the singer/songwriter category, impressing the judges with her spare and haunting acoustic folk-pop sound. The following year, "Hartslag" was released as a digital single, and her debut album, De Koek (The Cake), arrived in 2011. A second album, Het Is (It Is), was released in 2013. On December 14, 2015, Eefje de Visser released a new song, "Scheef", on YouTube. The album Nachtlicht followed the next year. In 2020 she released her fourth album Bitterzoet, followed by a European tour supporting Belgian group Balthazar.

De Parade
Eefje de Visser (Bitterzoet)
Lyrics: Eefje de Visser
Music: Eefje de Visser
Year of Release: 2020

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